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product arrow High Output Hydraulic Riveting-162-6A




Feature :

  • The machine is an improved one of Rivet-162-5A with stronger structure, except keeping the original advantages and features.
  • The new motor of main spindle is 2 HP 4P so the torque is bigger.
  • The low-pressure pump is changed to a medium-pressure one to offer better riveting and fixing.
  • The bigger spin head reduce the wearing of bearings.
  • The diameter of riveting punch is from Ø15 mm to Ø25 mm. while riveting it can reduce the vibration of riveting pumch
  • Max riveting capacity up to Ø16 mm for Solid Pin Rivet & Ø30 mm for Hollow Pin Rivet



  • Capacity riveting : Ø8 -16 mm (Solid)
  •                            Ø8 – 30 mm (Hollow)
  • Stroke of spin head : 0 – 45 mm
  • Dist between punch & table : 205 mm
  • Depth of throat : 200 mm
  • Motor : 2 HP/4P/3 Phase