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The Finishing Machine, Media, Compound and Products/Parts are major elements to successful finishing procedure. Therefore, besides selecting suitable parts and good functioned finishing machine, the matched media and compound are also very important. If the match is not appropriate, in light cases, it may be may hard to achieve the finishing effects and results, in serious cases, the media may insert into holes and may even damage the parts and cause serious loss. If the match is appropriate, it may achieve results with little effort, upgrade the finishing quality, save cost. Hereunder is a brief introduction for media and compounds for your reference and selection.

Type of Finishing Media :

  • Ceramic & Porcelain Media : Ceramic media has abrasive force which can be used for rough, medium, fine finishing; Porcelain media almost no abrasive force which can be used for polishing and mirror like finishing.
  • Plastic media : Suitable for soft parts such as zinc, aluminum, brass alloy, etc.
  • Metal Polishing Media : Mainly for steel and stainless steel material which have no abrasive function, mostly are used for metal parts polishing.

 Elements for Selecting Media :

  • Shape : According to the recess groove, corners, edges, holes, etc; Shapes to select the shape and size of the media, the finishing results must be good, and the media shall no be caught into the parts
  • Material : According to the material, hardness to decide the material of the media.
  • Degree of Delicacy : Compare the finishing, Effects of the parts before and after finishing. Above three are key elements for selecting media and the ration for media and parts.
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