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product arrow VIBRATORY FINISHING BARREL- With Material Auto Selector



Our Machinery can be used on such materials as Stainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Zinc Alloy, Alumunium & Magnesium Alloy. Wire, Ceramics, Jade, Coral and Plastic c an produce effects of cutting and lapping through dia-casting, Casting, Forging and Powder metallurgy.

We can offer more effective ways to the lapping of parts surface like cutting, de-rusting and polishing to live up to your company’s expectation.


This machine is designed for Polishing and screening workpieces that easy deform or dent, on the top of this machine is turbine access via which materials and polish move forward to the screening section (this process will not damage materials).

The screening section has a switch gate and filter screen where grinding stones and workpieces are separated for easy operation.


  • Cap Fill Volume Barrel : 2 Kgs - 1600 Kgs
  • Diameter of Barrel : Ø300 – Ø2080 MM
  • For detail specifications please visit us to : www.vibratorfinishing.com
  • Or please contact to us